Pẹlẹ o!... مرحبا! ... 여보세요! ... 你好 ... Hello! ... ہیلو ... नमस्कार ... ¡Hola! ... Mholweni! ... Sawubona! ... Bonjour! ... Hallo! ... สวัสดี! ... שלום!

The A.B.W. Afropunk Brooklyn 2017: Are Blacks Leading the Way for Progress?

TheAmazingBlackWoman had the pleasure of attending Afropunk 2017 in Brooklyn this year, and it was absolutely…well…amazing! Aside from the beautiful people and wonderful music, was an overwhelming spirit of inclusion and diversity that is characteristic of New York City--but in this instance, uniquely lead by Black people.


Many Black people are fiscally democratic, but the majority of us are socially conservative. Afropunk is a delightfully progressive movement that is diverse in nature, creative, but black lead.

Independent artists, musicians, DJ’s, and vendors were everywhere as beautiful, strange individuals lined the streets and concert fields dancing freely being their queer, black selves. The people were truly the most beautiful thing featured at Afropunk.

There were so many talented artists, and most notable as a musician myself, was the masterful genre mixing that took place at every stage. JoJo, a bandleader from Ghana, was both serenading us, and then shocking us with her tribal and visceral screams. And yes, the spirit of punk was well intact, but seasoned with the African spirit that people of all walks of life could enjoy.


TheAmazingBlackWoman will be there year after year as the spirit of inclusion and creativity deepens at Afropunk.  The ABW salutes you.  You give us all something to be proud of. 

For more pics follow us on IG @theamazingblackwoman! Thanks for your support.


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