The A.B.W.

Welcome to our page, I am the Amazing Black Woman; thank you for visiting us. This is a site where Black culture is celebrated, and the diversity of the Diaspora is embraced.  I began the Amazing Black Woman as a Facebook page shortly after liberating myself from a failing marriage. I additionally freed myself from a failing spirituality and an ordinary life, refusing to settle. Like many of us, I had no idea then that I was Amazing, with a capital “A”. When I began the ABW Facebook Page, I reserved that extravagant title for the greats, such as Nina Simone, Maya Angelou, Serena Williams—you get it--certainly not me. However, while posting beautiful images of strong, intelligent. black female examples, a wonderful thing happened for me; I realized I was simply looking in the mirror. I am these women, and they are me and they are you as well. Most of the time I wear that title like a suit that doesn’t fit. Who am I to be Amazing? It is true just the same. I am Amazing, and so are you.

Perhaps you are not a black woman. Maybe you are a friend, family member or simply a guest in this space, please feel welcomed, empowered and accepted—unless you’re an asshole. If you’re an asshole, buy something and leave! Please feel welcome in this space, as it is not meant to be exclusionary, but empowering and safe for black souls in ways that many mainstream spaces are not.

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