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Freeformed Locs: A Personal Journey and Collective Revolution

Definition: “Freeform(ed) Locs” are dreadlocks that form naturally and without any manipulation. (also commonly known as, organic dreads, neglect method dreads, natty dreadlocks, rasta locs, the "crown", and others.) Besides keeping the hair clean, there is no required maintenance. The individual’s hair remains uncombed. One’s hair (with varying degrees of time based on hair texture) will then fuse together, naturally, into units commonly called, “Dreadlocks”, or "Locs".  Freeform dreadlocks differ from “traditional dreadlocks”; in that, traditional dreads are manipulated and styled. Traditional dreadlocks are neater and more uniform in appearance. In the split screen below, the model on the right has freeformed locs.  The model on the left has traditional locs. Some of the common ways that traditional dreadlocks are groomed or...

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